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Everyone wants their product on to be sold on television. For many years—the As Seen On TV (ASOTV) marketplace has been rife with gadgets, gizmos, and doo-dads that look to make life a little bit easier for the average American household. At Enhance Product Development, we’ve have had great success in bringing products to the As Seen On TV market, and have identified some strong indicators that an item could work in that arena

What makes a product a fit the As Seen On TV market? Why are some products able to be marketed this way and others are not?

These are the top 4 attributes of an As Seen On TV Product

 1. Is it demonstrable?

Is your product something that can be shown quickly and easily? Does the story of its effectiveness come quick and easy? An effective ASOTV product will demonstrate a clear “before-and-after” that illustrates to the viewer how much better the item would make daily life!

 2. Does it require tools or another product to work?

The average ASOTV consumer does not own a drill! This means that for your product to work on the televised market place—it must be ready-to-use almost as soon as it lands on your doorstep, and require no further set-up.

 3. How wide is its appeal?

Products that work well on TV are ones that most people will identify as an aid in their daily life. While a niche gadget may be very useful for a portion of the population that is involved in a specific field—it may not have the mass appeal for a marketing firm to put their resources into the considerable cost of advertising on TV.

 4. Reasonable Price Point?

Could the item be sold at a price point that would yield “spur-of-the-moment” purchasing decisions? A correctly-priced item will yield stronger sales numbers than an item that’s priced too low, as perceived value is taken into account.

While there are exceptions to every rule (who knew that the Snuggie would be such a success???), these are generally very good tips to follow as you are looking to develop a product to be sold on TV! Knowledge is power, and inventing for a specific market gives you a better shot at success!


Enhance Product Development is a professional design firm that specializes in launching new products for inventors, entrepreneurs and start ups.  For product development inquiries please contact Enhance Product Development at or call us at 877-993-6426.

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