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Dustpans are dirty, ineffective and frustrating.  Everybody has one and nobody likes it.  To us, they are the enemy.  That’s why we invented VaBroom.

At Enhance we have a passion and drive to develop meaningful solutions that resonate with our customers.  We are curious, inquisitive, analytical, quirky, and sometimes a little edgy.  We enjoy the open collaboration with our clients and tend to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.  Our focus is to offer cost effective solutions with intrinsic value that create results.

For nearly a decade, Enhance has been designing, developing, and licensing products. As we move into 2019 we have a new goal: bring products to market, direct to consumer. What does this mean? Previously, we have designed products and handed them off to other companies to manufacture, distribute, market and sell our designs in exchange for a royalty. Although this is a very successful model, after almost ten years in this game, we are ready to move into a new space and take on a new challenge.

There was no question which product we would begin this new adventure with. It had to be VaBroom. The design had been tested and refined, the online surveys were complete, and since its conception, VaBroom has been a favorite of everyone at Enhance.

The VaBroom is a lightweight, cleaning tool with built-in powerful suction that effectively eliminates the need for a dustpan. Sweep your mess of dust, dirt, and debris into a line or a pile with the broom head. Then, using the pressure activated nozzle, your mess is gone in seconds, thanks to the powerful vacuum suction. The easy-release debris bin allows for quick, touchless emptying. The VaBroom is the original Smart Broom.

We are excited to launch VaBroom so the rest of the world can experience the ease and convenience of owning their own Smart Broom. However, before we can begin releasing VaBroom into the wild, we need to complete expensive tooling and drive down production cost by ordering from our manufacturer in large volumes. We are offering VaBroom pre-ordering through Kickstarter at huge discounts in order to help us achieve our goal. These pre-order commitments will allow us to order in the necessary volumes to keeping the price down for the consumer.

We are ready and excited to take on this new challenge. If you would like to be one of the first to own the original Smart Broom or want to learn more check out!