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Enhance Product Development, a Minneapolis-based design firm serving brand-name consumer product companies, start-ups and inventors alike, is turning heads in the housewares industry. Known for developing “smart solutions to real problems” on behalf of their clientele, Enhance was notified that two of its licensed products were finalists for the highly coveted IHA Global Innovation Awards.


“We are both thrilled and humbled,” said Trevor Lambert, the founder and CEO of Enhance. “It is validation that our design process and methodology achieves meaningful results for our clients and licensees. In the end, that will always be our core focus.”

The two products up for awards are the Skillet Slingers, a hand tool for browning ground-meats, and Exact Egg Boiler, a kitchenware solution that results in perfect hard-boiled eggs.
The Skillet Slingers functions as a tool to claw, chop and grind the meat into perfect crumbles in at least half the time when compared to spatulas or wooden spoons. “During development, our slogan was, ‘claw, chop, grind…a way to brown meat, a way of life,'” said Lambert with a smile. “That may give you a window into the creative culture we have here at Enhance. That said, the product really works. After prototyping and sending them out for user feedback, nobody would give them back! That’s when we knew we were onto something special.”

The Exact Egg Boiler consists of a rack that cradles eggs in place to prevent cracking during a rolling boil while simultaneously incorporating a user-friendly rinsing funnel that channels water to cool each egg evenly. It has been noted that at first glance, the product appears to be more like a piece of modern artwork rather than a cooking-aid product, due to its thoughtful and elegant design motif. Lambert noted, “With the egg boiler, we saw the industrial design as an opportunity to showcase organic form. But not organic form just for the sake of being beautiful, the form also provides important functional benefits. This is the very definition of successful industrial design.”

Both products have been licensed by Casabella Holdings LLC, a housewares company located in Congers, New York that manufactures and distributes cleaning and cooking related solutions worldwide. “We couldn’t have asked for a better licensing partner to commercialize these items; Casabella’s brand is the epitome of innovation. Plus, their team provided keen observations and insight that informed our final design, helping make the products what they are today,” admitted Lambert.

Skillet Slingers and the Exact Egg Boiler are scheduled to hit stores in 2017. Learn more at or


Enhance Product Development is a professional design firm that specializes in launching new products for inventors, entrepreneurs and start ups.  For product development inquiries please contact Enhance Product Development at or call us at 877-993-6426.

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