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Enhance will be attending the 2021 ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) toy fair at the Minneapolis convention center to show case its most successful game release of 2020—Migration Mars.

Migration Mars is a thematic board game of planetary exploration. Four factions race to migrate citizens from Earth to build the first city on Mars. It shares some traditional game mechanics with several unique aspects that include surviving meteorite strikes, discovering crystal filled ruins, and unlocking ancient alien structures!

Migration Mars was a hit on Kickstarter, reaching its goal within just one hour, and blazing through online sales into 2021! Now the sci fi strategy game will be joining the ranks at the 2021 ASTRA Marketplace to be unveiled at retail stores on into 2022!

An up-and-coming Enhance game will also be making a sneak peak at the show. Inventor Gadgets—a card-based party game is being primed to be the next big roll-out game of 2021!

This wacky game gives up to ten players the chance to play the role of an eccentric inventor to combine a variety of features, functions, and objects to concoct hilarious inventions and then try to convincingly pitch them to the group! Players will also play the role of marketers and investors to try and improve each gadget—making it even more over-the-top!

Inventor Gadgets awakens your creativity and inner genius with burst-out laughter that game testers and reviewers are already raving about!

The big industry meet-up will also provide opportunity to connect with old and new friends in the business to share and promote a myriad of other toy and game products of the past, present, and future.

Enhance is always looking, learning, and growing alongside other designers, developers, and colleagues to add a little more fun and joy to the world—and we are very excited to attend the party!