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Leading Experts in Product Development

Our team at Enhance has extensive backgrounds when it comes to product development, licensing, marketing and commercialization. From complicated projects to simple ideas, we can help!

The design team collaborates to create inspiring materials for your invention to capture your targeted audience. Not boring, stagnant line drawings of a product, but eye-catching, innovative, 3D images that POP and bring your product to life!

The marketing-licensing team attends tradeshows, makes cold calls and professionally presents products and negotiates deals personally with executives at companies well positioned to sell your product and pay royalties. They don’t send out worthless unsolicited mailers or bore them with too much information. Rather, at Enhance, we seek to get to the decision makers and show them face-to-face how great your invention is.

Also, if your project calls for more complicated work, our mechanical, electrical and software engineers are up for any new task; and our manufacturing sourcing team is available to get your product produced either in the US or overseas.

Trusted and Reliable Services

Enhance is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, a Platinum Sponsor of theUnited Inventors Association, and has been rated an “Official Good Guy” by the National Inventor Fraud Center.

The Enhance Principles

We were founded on the following guiding principles:

  • Professionalism… is how we manage client relationships.
  • Vision… allows us to view horizons beyond our competitors.
  • Entrepreneurship… challenges us to seek new opportunities and roads less traveled.
  • Innovation… fuels our passion and creativity.
  • Excellence… drives us to break barriers and create new, better solutions.
  • Enthusiasm… is how we act because we love what we do.

Experience the Enhance Difference

We tailor our services to suite any size project, from independent inventors to large companies. You will receive personable contact to ensure you are always satisfied with our work from a project manager assigned to your specific case. When you choose Enhance, we develop a company/client relationship that is unsurpassed by other design firms.

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