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Being an inventor myself, who started out making my own products, I quickly realized it would be much easier to get them manufactured. Problem was, I had no idea where to even start going about finding a manufacturer. Here are some things I learned after finding, interviewing and hiring multiple manufacturing companies:

  1. Manufacturers specialize: I started out by searching online for manufacturers near me, this quickly made me realize that manufacturers are very specialized. Searching by the material that your product will be made out of has been helpful for me i.e. ‘fabric manufacturing’.
  2. Know how many units you need before calling: A manufacturer’s costs are all determined by how many units you buy. Obviously, the more you get, the cheaper they will be per unit. Knowing the minimum amount you would need and the maximum amount you would need (and are willing to spend) is going to help your relationship with a potential ‘partner’ of your company on the right foot.
  3. Dealing overseas: It’s no secret that a lot of manufacturing has moved overseas in the last few decades, so you honestly might have a very hard time finding a manufacturer in the U.S. willing to fill your order. If this is the case, Enhance can assist in finding a manufacturer overseas you can trust.