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These are not our lawyers.

So, you have a great idea for a new product, but you don’t want to tell anyone your idea until you have some kind of patent protection on it. What do you do?

Although we don’t recommend talking to any random lawyer, especially at a drive-thru, the best way to get some information about how to protect your idea is to talk to an Intellectual Property Attorney. These are attorneys that have passed a special patent bar exam in addition to the state bar, after graduating law school.

When talking to a patent attorney, make sure you get their opinion on what you might be able to change about your idea to increase your chances of being granted a utility patent. It’s very important to stress that you would like a utility patent and not just a design patent.

We’ve negotiated a great deal for our clients with our patnet attorneys! They will do a patent search, but most importantly, they will give advice on how to increase your chances of being issued a utility patent based on the search results. Check out the flat rate we negotiated for you- not hourly so you don’t get any surprise bills.