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Being mindful about where you stock and place your products in a store can be the difference between selling only a few units and selling a couple hundred. The competition is tough out there and a strong understanding of in-store product placement is important.

What is In-Store Product Placement?

In-store product placement is a merchandising technique in which products are placed thoughtfully throughout the store to draw attention to them. There are multiple ways to look at the planning/strategy behind it but the major factors are considering where the majority of the foot traffic is in the store. How big is the store? What shelving is available?

Below are the three best shelving options to place your product for maximum customer interaction.

Eye-Level Shopping

Eye-Level Shopping is the most recognizable strategic placement factor. It is proven that products placed at the average eye level receive more attention than those items placed on the lower to higher shelves. Have you ever noticed that when you walk down an aisle, that you don’t know the contents of, you only swivel your head from side to side. You don’t ever really look down or up while walking, that’s eye-level shopping.


Another great place to store your products is on the end of the aisle, more specially the endcaps. This is a very heavy trafficked area and the more color you bring to your end caps the more attention you get. Endcaps are relatively small, meaning that only 1-3 kinds of products can be stocked there. If everything goes in your favor, you can have an entire endcap to yourself giving only your product the customer’s focused attention.

Standalone or Rotating Displays

You stand in the checkout lane waiting patiently for your turn casually looking around and right next to you is a standalone display introducing a new and innovated product. You’re standing in line, nowhere else to go and nothing to do besides wait, it’s inevitable, you have to look. This is the prime real estate of product placement. Anytime you can get a product in front of a place where people just sit and wait is gold. To take full advantage of this placement consider adding movement and color to your display to help grad and hold the attention of the customers.


Finding the best shelf in the store to place your product should be in your top 5 marketing strategies. Research the store beforehand and scoop out the high traffic areas. Figure out what the best placement will be for your product, because every product is different, and don’t be afraid to “jazz up” your display.