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Working in a creative field that requires imagination means you may get stuck in a rut sometimes. Our solution in our office is to play with toys! Toys really do help- at least that’s what we tell our boss 😉 According to a CNN article about office toys, there are over 200 types of office toys on Amazon alone. Office toys are a great way to express who you are at work, similar to decorating your locker in school.  Below are some of the gifts that our employees received over the holidays and have brought in to share with our office:

foam disc gun office toy

 This foam disc gun does wonders when you need to get somebody’s attention who has their headphones on.

Remote Control Helicopter Office Toy

 This remote control helicopter has made it easier to deliver important messages to coworkers…

Remote Control Helicopter Message Delivery

We’ve also set up challenges to see who the best remote control helicopter pilot is in the office!

remote control helicopter office challenges

What office toys help you relieve stress and bring some character to your desk at work?