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Although many industries have slowed down since the realities of the pandemic began to take hold in mid-March of 2020, Enhance Innovations continues to see a steady rise in the engagement that we receive from manufacturers to whom we pitch products.

As Enhance represents products from all categories, we keep our fingers on the pulse of trends across a large swath of industries and marketplaces. We have been pleased to report that conversations and interest in our existing product licensing portfolio has not only continued to be strong, but has actually risen as the pandemic months have gone on. In fact, the engagement metric for evaluating the health of our product portfolio has reflected record high numbers, month-over-month through the spring, summer, and fall of 2020.

Manufacturers are keenly aware of the fact that consumer’s desires and buying habits, while different, are not going away. They are eager to add new products that have the ability to disrupt the current market and help the general public to navigate the new realities of American life. On top of this, many Americans are seeking distraction from the anxieties and unknowns of the modern world. Innovation allows for human behavior to develop and grow accustomed to changes in culture, and is a key facilitator of the progress necessary of a functioning society. Manufacturers are human behavior experts and are looking to capitalize on such desires and needs.

As with most businesses, adjustments have been required to meet the needs of our clientele, and to facilitate meaningful interactions and engagement. While many industry trade shows have been cancelled, we have continued to communicate with industry decision makers, remotely. In doing so, we have found that this allows for more open and thoughtful conversation pertaining to products we are representing in pursuit of licensing opportunities.

Enhance always has, and will continue to tailor our approach to not only our clientele, but also to the marketplace. Through this flexibility, we maintain the highest standards of excellence in our professionalism and product licensing efforts. We have been immensely proud of the continued efforts of our team, and excited about the opportunities that continue to arise for the products we represent. We will remain agile and able-minded as we proceed into the unknowns of this challenging year and beyond.