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Rend – er – ing: a work of visual art, especially a detailed process drawing which uses color and shading to make it appear solid and three dimensional.

For most, this is not a familiar term, despite the fact that we observe renderings on a regular basis. Renderings are the photo-realistic images of many of the products found on the market today. The idea here is to have full control to manipulate lighting environments, textures, and depth of field of CAD models to make them nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

There are many rendering programs that exist today, including Vray, Maxwell, Octane, and Keyshot, that industrial designers use to produce these renderings. After first making a CAD model of a product, these programs allow users to select specific surfaces to apply textures and colors on. Once all of the surfaces have been placed appropriately to each piece of the model, it is now time to select a lighting environment.

Environments range from a variety of photographic-studio lighting options, to offices, to outdoor scenes, each with unique lighting attributes that can be adjusted to get the perfect image every time.

The obvious advantage to this is the maximum range of adjustability designers have over the appearance of products in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s changing a product colorway or placing it in the middle of a grassy field, computer rendering programs allow for quick, convenient changes prior to making a prototype of the same quality or materials.


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