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There’s a lot that can go into keeping your dog happy and healthy. One of those key elements is mind stimulation. Keeping your dog’s mind active and engaged can decrease boredom, lower stress, and deter bad/destructive behavior.

Interactive dog toys have grown in popularity within the last two years resulting in an influx of new and creative product ideas.

What are interactive dog toys?

Interactive dog toys are toys developed and designed to stimulate dog’s mental levels just like a round of fetch can stimulate a dog’s physical levels. They are created to provide enrichment and typically have a gaming element that keeps the dog entertained.

Interactive toys can help your dog build problem-solving skills and develop their memory and reasoning abilities.

Interactive Dog Toy Styles/Types: 

  • Slow-Feeders: These toys are designed for pups who are treat-motivated, providing a different experience during meal time.
  • Puzzle: These dog toys are the most popular and require a dog to use their nose/paws to get a treat out of a puzzle that can range in difficulty levels.
  • Activity/Training Toys: Training is a great way to engage a dog’s mind and using tools such as a play tunnel or agility structures can help keep a dog who likes to run engaged.
  • Tear-Apart Toys: Some dogs prefer to dig/hunt for their food and toys specially designed to house treats with detachable elements are very stimulating.
  • Sniff Matts: All dogs have natural sniffing/seeking behaviors. Sniff Matts are a great way to engage their nose.

What are some key characteristics to keep in mind when searching for the best interactive toy for your pup?

  • Durability – Look for toys that are made with tougher materials like pet-safe rubber or nylon.
  • Variety – A variety of shapes, sizes, and textures are important if you want to keep a dog’s interest peaked.
  • Treats – Most dogs are very treat-motivated, making the toy all that more attractive to the pup.

Interactive toys for your furry friend are a great way to keep them busy, entertained, happy, and overall, healthy!