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There was a time when the most common way for design firms and clients to align on projects was to sit in a room, with a white board at hand, and slowly ideate a mutually agreed upon direction for a given product design project. Brainstorms occurred in real time, in person, and on the spot, whether the spark was there or not. This methodology, while beneficial in its day, is much less common in the modern age. Since the global shift in the wake of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, more and more business models, and industries have shifted their focus to remote-minded business models, and company infrastructures.

What, at first glance, seemed like an incoming roadblock for client relationships and design firms, has blossomed into the normal way of life, and has even facilitated a more globally-reaching, flexible way of fostering relationships.

With the availability of apps and softwares like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, client relationships can exist across continents and time zones. Many clients have noted that the ability to have discussions that don’t feel rushed or confined to an allotted time or place have a positive effect on creativity, design considerations, and relationships.

Experts have long postulated that comfort and predictability were keys to find a creative rhythm that fostered new and engaging concepts and ideas. The familiarity that one might find sitting at their own desk, in their own curated space, can facilitate significantly more generative brain activity that leads to thoughtful ideation and creation.

At Enhance Innovations, we have long been a firm that works with clients from all over the world, and became comfortable with remote relationships years before it became the standard modus operandi of the digital service industry. As such, our ability to accommodate clients from all over the world with excellent communication pertaining to the meaningful design and development of each individual project is a well-oiled process, and has aided in the experience of our clients’ over the course of our many years in business.

As the business world continues to globalize and product design considerations change as manufacturing technology continues to develop, our industry must remain vigilant in meeting clients where they need to be met regarding communication methods, while also enabling a digital space that facilitates creativity, comfort, and innovation.

It is with our commitment to accommodating the ever-changing needs of our clients’ and their projects that we can guarantee an enjoyable and equitable product development experience.